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51The alarming and ever-increasing structural unemployment can be addressed basically and be affected positively;


52The related administrative simplification will have a declining impact on some professions (certain officials, accountants, tax consultants, lawyers). The positive spending pattern however will systematically and continuously improve the economy, which consequently will create new jobs. Within the current environment ongoing loss of employment will be manifested unquestionably and bankruptcy will  increase without prejudice too;

53A compulsory and total freezing of all prices has to be implemented as soon as possible, whereby economic competitiveness will increase fundamentally. Accordingly Index changes or cost of living adaptions will become logically dispensable. Any price increase within the actual circumstances is undoubtedly irresponsible;

54During the last decades, the level of wages and prices  has reached an unrealistic and unsustainable standard. The proposed system will prove its solidity in a relatively short period of time. Without affecting the purchasing power the level of prices and wages can be normalized gradually and deliberately, which undeniable will be beneficial to our economy;


The application of digital money is already sufficiently established and will cause minor practical concerns considering the positive impact on consumers taxation;


56The existing unjust and illogical double taxation (personal/company taxation, VAT, withholding-, property- and inheritance tax, all other governmental charges/contributions) can be abolished and be replaced by a uniform progressive and equitable taxation;

57Dissimilar taxation and dishonest fiscal regulations of black market money, whereby the honest citizens legally have been discriminated, will be exiled;


58A transparent and coherent system as proposed, will exclude any financial abuse at each level  in every relationship. The current ever increasing and crucial budgetary issues will disappear eventually;

59Through this methodology the widespread financial cash crime will disappear automatically and completely;


60The main group of taxable individuals (employees, civil servants) will structurally get more buying power and will be able to spend more. This will allow everyone, self-employed and companies included, to generate more revenues eventually (win/win situation).