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14Any financial, fiscal and social fraud will be prevented through implicit abolishment of cash money and exclusive use of digital money. A waterproof methodology of control will be generated.

15Through the registration of expenditures, all income will be recorded. The equivalent of the fraud money will automatically become official.

16Each income will be subject to a transparent, proportional and fair social and fiscal taxation.

17Consequently average taxation will be lower and average purchasing power will be higher.……………….

18Spending’s fundamentally will be encouraged  and the economic crisis can be attacked structurally.

19 20Action!


21A transparent and fair methodology as such will proof to be the only plausible solution to kill the present economic crisis, through which the future of our children can be guaranteed.

24Now is the time to take our responsibility! The present environment and technology are mature for an initiative as such in order to strive for a stable, peaceful and fair society! Discrimination cannot be tolerated anymore! The protection of the personal data in reality is utopian and principally only applicable and suitable for fraudsters and criminals!

28Those who choose not only to philosophize about killing the crisis, but effectively would like to do something about it, are morally obliged to support the related initiative unconditonally.